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Zingerman’s co-founder Paul Saginaw on the importance of robust local business ecosystems, the upcoming BALLE conference in Grand Rapids, and the meaning of “real prosperity”

For the first time ever, the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) will be holding its national, annual conference for independently owned, socially responsible businesses, here, in Michigan. The meeting, which is being called Real Prosperity Starts Here, is scheduled to take place in Grand Rapids this May, and, as of right now, I’m […]

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Harvesting the organs of Ypsilanti’s Visteon plant

The Detroit News’s Charlie LeDuff visits the Ford Visteon plant in Ypsilanti, and watches as it gets torn apart and auctioned in an article entitled, “Selling off America’s manufacturing might, a factory at a time.” Here’s how the article begins: Ypsilanti — You can now watch the liquidation of the American Dream in real time. […]

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Richard Florida and the reshaping of America

In the new March issue of the Atlantic, Richard Florida ponders how our current financial crisis may reshape America. Regardless of what you might think of Florida and his academic research, it’s a question worth considering. Given what we know about demographics and trends, which regions of the United States are most likely to weather […]

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