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PPP data, finally released by the SBA, shows that millions of US taxpayer dollars went to businesses tied to the likes of Jared Kushner, Mitch McConnell, and Devin Nunes, in what can best be described as a corporate looting free-for-all

I was going to write about Florida’s executive order to reopen schools in August in spite of the fact that they just broke a national record with 11,458 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, and their hospitals are now reaching capacity, but then the Small Business Administration (SBA) finally caved to pressure and released the names […]

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Social distancing. It’s the only way.

A number of people are online, saying they won’t be cowed by the virus (or public health officials). They’re posting photos of themselves out, and encouraging others to do the same. Right now, I’m watching a video of people, packed like sardines, inside a Nashville bar. Yesterday, the Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, an avowed […]

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Nunes’s memory seems to be improving now that Parnes has gone public

Politico reported earlier today that Lev Parnas, in addition to handing over all of the material we discussed yesterday, also gave investigators voicemails he’d saved from Trump associates. And, coincidentally, shortly thereafter, Devin Nunes went on television to announce that, contrary to what he’d said earlier, he now remembers that he did in fact have […]

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Evidence indicates that Devin Nunes, Trump’s biggest defender in the House, was intimately involved in the Ukrainian conspiracy

This afternoon, Congressman Adam Schiff held a press conference to share the official findings of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry. Stating, “No one is above the law,” Chairman Schiff introduced the committee’s 300-page report, which he said contained, “overwhelming and uncontested evidence that President Trump abused the powers of his office to solicit foreign […]

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Fiona Hill warns of “politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests”

I’m seriously overwhelmed at the moment, and I’ve decided to take the night off and watch an episode or two of Columbo. Before I punch out for the night, though, I wanted to share the following excerpt from the opening statement read this morning by Fiona Hill, the former senior director for Russia and Europe […]

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