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How, in just a few words, do you sum up the awesomeness of Bee Roll…

A month or so ago, I presented this site’s first annual “Ypsilantian of the Year” award to Bee Roll and gave her this trophy with the promise that I would eventually make a new nameplate for it, to cover up where I’d just scrawled “Bee Roll” in sharpie. Well, I now have a few dollars, […]

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The state of hip hop, the eating of 20-foot-long sausages, and the erotic drawings of fictional amphibians… on episode 7 of The Saturday Six Pack

If you missed the last episode of The Saturday Six Pack on Ypsilanti’s AM 1700, you missed one hell of a good time. I don’t want to give too much away, as I think you should listen for yourself, but here are a few of the highlights. [If you’d like to listen to the episode […]

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Apparently I had a revelation in my sleep last night

I found this sitting on the table beside my bed this morning. As it’s in my handwriting, I imagine that I must have written it at some point during the night. While I doubt that beloved local historian James Mann is, in fact, a ghost, I do like the idea that he could be. If […]

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MC Kadence, Ypsi Underground and Jim Cherewick on the upcoming Saturday Six Pack

This coming Saturday’s show, if nothing else, will be eclectic. Among others, we’ll be talking with hip hop artist and philosopher Brandon Mitchell (aka MC Kadence), Colin Moorhouse from the local zine Ypsi Underground, and a group of folks who will be coming by the AM 1700 studio to discuss the possibility of an on-air […]

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If Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Public Schools could be joined with no additional cost to Ann Arbor taxpayers, bringing additional resources to Ypsi schools, might voters back it?

A few few weeks ago, I posted something here about the findings of a study on affordable housing commissioned by Washtenaw County. The published report, as you may recall, didn’t paint a very pretty picture. Our communities, according to the study’s authors, are rapidly becoming segregated, with less-well-off people, especially people of color, quickly consolidating […]

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