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On the occasion of my son turning nine

My son Arlo turns 9 years old today. This (above) is what he looks like these days. This was taken a few days ago on one of our long, late morning walks around Ypsilanti, between his two online class periods. I suspect, at some point, he’ll tire of hanging around with me, but, as of […]

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How will we explain this chapter of American history to the next generation?

Everyone suspects that, in the wake of the Thanksgiving weekend, things will get a whole lot worse on the COVID-19 front. And things are already really, really bad. [Ted Cruz was apparently wrong when he told us that we’d never hear another thing about COVID-19 after the election.] As of right now, about 90,000 Americans […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

A few years ago, I made the decision not to write anything new for Thanksgiving, but, instead, to recycle something that I’d written the year before. And, ever since then, I’ve been posting the same damn thing. Well, here it is again. I was tempted to remove some of the old references, and replace them […]

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Will Republicans, in service of Donald Trump, attempt to delay the certification of Michigan’s election?

Michigan’s election results are supposed to be certified tomorrow, but there’s some doubt as to whether or not it’ll actually happen. It appears as if, even though every individual county has certified their election results, and no actual evidence of election fraud has been offered, the two Republicans on the State Board of Canvassers may […]

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This day in treason

With the Georgia election having just been certified, there’s really no path forward for Trump at this point. Biden has him beat in too many states, and by too wide of a margin, to make stealing the election feasible. Despite his efforts, Biden’s victories are being certified, and Trump’s laughable legal challenges are being thrown […]

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