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A message from the Alt State Department: yesterday’s press conference was not random chaos, but careful strategy.

[This is absolutely, 100% true. Yesterday’s performance wasn’t intended to demonstrate competence, but to rally the base for the battle ahead. This administration will not be easy to remove from power… Follow the Alt State Department.]

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Who described the administration best yesterday, Donald Trump or Bob Harward?

Who described the Trump administration best yesterday? [For those not familiar with the references, here are the links; “shit sandwich,” “fine-tuned machine.”]

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Trump says he’ll ferret out those in the intelligence community responsible for the leaks tying his administration to Russia. In response, the intelligence community says that he’ll die behind bars.

At this point, I don’t know what there is left to say about Trump’s performance before the press this afternoon. Every synonym for “unhinged” that I can think of has already been claimed. And people have already written about all of the best parts, like the real-time fact-checking by NBC’s Peter Alexander when Trump claimed, […]

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What did Trump know, and when did he know it? We need to demand an investigation into Russia’s ties to Trump and his associates.

I’m hesitant to write anything more about the situation unfolding right now in D.C., as things are happening so quickly. I did, however, want to share this timeline with you from today’s Washington Post, as I think it might be something that we return to in the future as we try to determine what Trump […]

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Just three weeks in and we’ve already got our first Trump administration casualty… Michael Flynn resigns over illegal communications with Russia

I’m not sure how much I won, but I entered a pool a while back and chose Michael Flynn as being the first member of the administration to leave… So things are finally starting to look up, at least for me. And, yeah, it’s being reported by the Washington Post that Trump’s embattled National Security […]

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