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How is it that we allow this to happen in America?

Georgia held both its Republican and Democratic primaries today, and things did not go smoothly in many of the state’s bluer districts. [This was, of course, by design.] As it’s late, I’d just like to leave you with the following five Twitter posts. If, after considering them, you should find yourself agreeing with me that […]

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“No more stimulus without universal vote-by-mail!” Tell your representatives.

Generally speaking, I don’t have the stomach for playing political hardball when people’s lives (or the profitability of huge corporate behemoths like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse) are on the line, but I think that we need to encourage Democratic members of Congress to stand firm and demand that, before another bailout is signed into law, we […]

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Michigan Democratic Primary open thread

Seven states are holding primaries today. And Michigan, with 147 delegates – 125 of which will be allocated on the basis of today’s primary vote – is the biggest prize. So what you do in the voting booth, my fellow Michiganders, is going to be incredibly important. Given that Sanders has apparently ceded the south […]

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Michigan takes another step toward addressing gerrymandering

It looks as though we’ve just taken another big step toward addressing gerrymandering in the state of Michigan today, as U.S. District Court Judge Janet T. Neff thew out the case by the Michigan Republican Party to block the nonpartisan redistricting ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly by Michigan voters. 61% of the voters in Michigan voted […]

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Less than 24 hours after Mueller warns that foreign election interference is imminent, McConnell blocks $775 million in election security funding

Yesterday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, warned the American people that, if they aren’t stopped, members of the Russian intelligence service, working on behalf of Vladimir Putin, will surely attempt to influence the outcome of our next election, just as they did in 2016. Warning that, “(they’re still) doing it […]

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