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My last post on the hypocrisy and broken promises of Donald Trump

To quote John Lydon, “Did you ever get the feeling that you’ve been cheated?” I think, pretty soon, I’m going to stop talking about Trump’s hypocrisy, as I think it’s probably no longer all that effective as a tool to convince his supporters to rethink their alliances. Almost everyone capable of rational thought, I’m pretty […]

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Discussing what the election results reveal about the changing political landscape of Michigan with former head of the Michigan Democratic Party Mark Brewer, exploring what future holds with State Reps Yousef Rabhi and Jeff Irwin, and talking about the recent rise in racial intimidation with the ACLU’s Mark Fancher… on this weekend’s episode of the Saturday Six Pack

Like me, I suspect a lot of you are still a bit shellshocked, trying to make sense of Trump’s victory this past Tuesday night, and what it’s going to mean for us as a people going forward. If you’re like me, your somewhat paralyzed by the magnitude of it all, wondering how you’re going to […]

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You write the “Fucking White People” post

I need some time away from the world right now, so I’m going to walk across the room with my chicken pot pie in a couple minutes, settle down on the couch with my family, and watch My Man Godfrey. I suspect I’ll return to blogging at some point in the not too distant future, […]

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With the race tightening in Michigan, it’s time to make a stand against Trump and everything he stands for

A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that I might spend some time working on behalf of the Clinton campaign in either my birth state of Kentucky, where the Republican Governor said not too long ago that patriots may need to shed blood in order to “reclaim” the U.S. if Trump loses, or our neighboring […]

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