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If we “defeated ISIS in Syria,” how is it that they killed four American citizens today?

Remember how, just before Christmas, Donald Trump announced that he’d decided to pull our troops out of Syria without having run it by either our allies or our own military leaders? And remember how, at the time, he said that, thanks to his tremendous leadership, ISIS had been defeated in Syria, and how Defense Secretary […]

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Not wanting the American people to make the connection between the border wall and white nationalism, the Republicans attempt to force racist Congressman Steve King, the wall’s biggest proponent, from the House

I guess we should just be happy that the Republicans have finally decided to turn on Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa. While we’re congratulating Republicans for doing the right thing, though, and joining Democrats to formally condemn King on the floor of the House for questioning whether the term “white nationalist” should be considered […]

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Our President, the Russian agent

As much as I’d like to spend my time this evening talking about Donald Trump and his 300 hamburgers, I think our time together might be better spent discussing the two big pieces of news that broke over the weekend concerning the Russia investigation. First, the New York Times reported that, just after Donald Trump […]

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Prophesying the coming of Trump, “the high priest of fraud,” in 1958

Over the past few days, a reader of this site – a fellow calling himself iRobert – has shared the same link in the comments section several times. It’s a link to an episode of a television program from 1958 starring Robert Culp called Trackdown. Saying that the episode in question, titled “The End of […]

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Three of the internet’s finest wall-related tweets, meticulously curated for your enjoyment

I have important business to attend to this evening, so I don’t have much time. With that said, however, I’ve just curated what I think are the three best wall-related tweets of the past 48 hours for your consideration. I hope my efforts are appreciated. TWEET ONE: Trump, back in 2004, telling graduating college students […]

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