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How shitty are you as a leader when the jobs you’re bragging about creating aren’t even on the surface of the earth, but in coal mines?

Maybe it’s just that my people come from coal country, but I have visceral reaction every time I hear either Trump or Pence bragging, as they both did again this afternoon, about their successful efforts to put more poor Americans to work below the surface of the earth… I get why the message resonates with […]

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Apparently, as the Mexicans have refused to pay for Trump’s wall, he’s come up with a better idea… We’ll have the wall pay for itself!

I don’t think it’s that new of an idea. I’ve heard people say before, “You know, we should make that border wall of Trump’s solar.” Today, though, was the first time that I heard Trump say it himself. He was addressing a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he made the announcement. Referencing the campaign […]

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The Republican campaign to kill the EPA comes to Ann Arbor

On Monday at 2:45 PM, there will be a rally outside the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) at 2565 Plymouth Road, in Ann Arbor. The event, as I understand it, is in response to the Trump administration’s threat to cut a whopping 31% of the EPA’s budget. At the Ann […]

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Ypsilanti rolls out the red carpet for President Trump

Yesterday afternoon, the good people of Michigan braved the cold to welcome President Trump, who, for some reason, had chosen Ypsilanti as the backdrop for his announcement that he’d be eliminating fuel efficiency standards passed into law during the Obama administration in order to address global climate change, essentially saying “fuck you” to future generations. […]

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Stop Pruitt before he can kill the EPA for Big Oil

Calling your Senators works… By all accounts, Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski [Alaska] and Susan Collins [Maine] are going against the wishes of their party to vote in opposition of Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos because of the pushback they’re received from their constituents. Earlier this week in Anchorage, there were reports of over 200 […]

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