Ypsi Immigration Interviews

As someone who left Ypsilanti twice, and, in both instances, ended up moving back, I’m always interested to find out why it is that people choose to make their homes in our community. What follow are links to all of the Ypsi Immigration Interviews that I’ve conducted over the course of the past several years. My hope is that you find them of interest, especially if you yourself happen to be contemplating a move here.

Ingrid Ankerson (Wisconsin via Baltimore and Ann Arbor)
Katy Greenwald (Massachusetts via Ohio)
Melvin Parson (Detroit)
Juliet Hinely (San Francisco)
Forest Juziuk (Oakland)
Jeff “Shappy” Seasholtz (Austin)
Lynne Setles (Westland)
Misha Tuesday (Chicago)
Jen Proctor (Ann Arbor)
Donald Harrison (Ann Arbor)
Alice Jo Gannon Boss (Ann Arbor)
Cassie Byrd (San Francisco)
Amy Probst (Royal Oak)
Emily and Isaac Wingfield (Providence)
Megan Maurer (Lexington, Kentucky)
Sarah Zawacki (Plymouth)
Heidi Jugenitz (Cote d’Ivoire)
Rob Noonan (Australia)
Erika Jost and Ben Connor Barrie (Ann Arbor)
John Feldkamp (Saline)
Scott Straley (New Jersey)
Erika Hess (Brooklyn)
Rob Hess (Whitmore Lake)
Bird Gaudette (Portland by way of Ann Arbor)
Sunny Smith and Michael McAtee (Indianapolis)
Meaghan Fukunaga (Massachusetts)
Adam Gainsley (Ann Arbor)
Lindsay Garinger (Columbus)
Gillian Ream (Ann Arbor)
Erika Nelson (Lansing)
Lee Azus (San Francisco)
Mary Ayling (Chicago)
Michael Geminder (San Jose)
Alexandra Sarkozy (Brooklyn)
Valerie Bieberich (Battle Creek)


I’m sure I missed some folks, but these were the first to come to mind. If you’re aware of anyone that I’ve spoken with who has been left off the list, let me know, and I’ll add them. And do let me know if there’s anyone interesting who has moved to Ypsilanti in the past year or so who you feel as though I should speak with.


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