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I lack the follow-through to be a good parent

Occasionally I have good ideas. Or at least I used to. In reading through some of my writing from before Clementine was born, a little over 11 years ago now, I was reminded of this. I had ambitious plans. Sadly, though, most of these plans went out the window once the realities of fatherhood began […]

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Totally Quotable Arlo: “all the money in the world” edition

A weekend of intense spring cleaning yielded a mason jar full of coins. I’d put the jar by the door last night, thinking that I’d see it this morning on my way to work, take it with me, and cash it in at the bank. Arlo got to it before I did, though. When I […]

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Totally Quotable Arlo: long shadow edition

We went to the lake yesterday and stayed a little longer than we’d planned to. By the time we finally packed up and left, the sun was going down, and, on the way to the car, Arlo noticed that his shadow had grown since he’d seen it last. “My shadow’s a grown-up,” he said. I […]

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Tiger Legs

Arlo has been waking up early lately in order to adorn himself with what he calls “tiger legs” before heading off to school. [He’s also been growling a lot more lately.] Up until yesterday, I’d been fine with it. Now, though, as a result of the recent news out of Spokane, I feel as though […]

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Totally Quotable Arlo: ‘Why would anyone be friends with my parents?’ edition

This was said by Arlo yesterday morning. He’d come into our bedroom to wake us up, and, at some point during the our conversation, he wondered aloud how it was that his mother came to be in possession of not one, but two friends. I can’t remember the exact context. Linette might have mentioned that […]

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