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High-Speed Rail plans take shape

Before leaving for Mexico, President Obama gave a brilliant speech on the necessity of high-speed rail in the United States. And, in addition to the $8 billion already set aside for such projects in the stimulus bill, he suggested that we add an additional $1 billion per year for the next 5 years. Here’s the […]

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Harvesting the organs of Ypsilanti’s Visteon plant

The Detroit News’s Charlie LeDuff visits the Ford Visteon plant in Ypsilanti, and watches as it gets torn apart and auctioned in an article entitled, “Selling off America’s manufacturing might, a factory at a time.” Here’s how the article begins: Ypsilanti — You can now watch the liquidation of the American Dream in real time. […]

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The Governor comes through with $500K for Ypsi Freighthouse

As promised, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm came to town this morning to drop off a giant $500,000 check for the restoration of Ypsilanti’s historic Freighthouse… Here’s a photo snapped by our friend Thomas Kula, who somehow managed to position himself in the front row: The following video comes from the Ypsilanti Citizen. If you watch […]

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Granholm to deliver giant check to Ypsilanti Freighthouse

As I think many of you know, John Dingell and Jennifer Granholm, among others, have been working these past several months to get the rehabilitation of our historic Freighthouse covered by federal stimulus funds. Well, word on the street is that they’ve been successful. According to several reputable sources, Representative Dingell and Governor Granholm will […]

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SEMCOG’s Carmine Palumbo talks trains in Ypsi

I don’t have a lot of time tonight, but I attended this evening’s Ypsilanti Planning Commission meeting, which was largely about the east-west rail line, and I wanted to pass along my notes. So, here are the highlights, as I heard them. Make of them what you will. And feel free to add comments, questions, […]

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