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2020 Election Open Thread

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to update this throughout the day, but I thought that I’d start up a thread, just so that we’d have somewhere to discuss voting, the results of the election, etc. Best of luck, everyone. Here’s hoping that all of our hard work pays off today, and we […]

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75 days before the election, mail sorting machines are being removed in Grand Rapids

Yesterday, in response to the overwhelming public outcry over the U.S Postal Service decommissioning mail sorting equipment prior to the upcoming presidential election, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced an abrupt change of course. DeJoy, an ardent trump supporter, said that, so as to avoid even the appearance of any impact on election mail,” he would […]

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How to handle groceries and wash produce in the age of COVID-19

Our friend Lynne just left a comment here, alerting us to the existence of a video, made by Grand Rapids-based family practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen, about how one should handle groceries in the era of COVID-19. I thought that I’d move it up here, to the front page, as it seems like a message that […]

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Talking with white people about Trump in Grand Rapids

It would appear as though the folks at NBC News have identified Kent County, Michigan as one of five critical battleground counties across the country that could, along with places like Beaver County, Pennsylvania and Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, provide some insights as to who the next president of the United States might be. So, yesterday, […]

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It Can Happen Here… The Q-virus spreads to Michigan

We’ve talked about the right wing Qanon conspiracy theory here before, and I’m not inclined to give any more of a platform to those among us who believe that an incredibly noble Donald Trump is valiantly fighting to free child sex slaves from a secret society of baby-eating globalists led by Hillary Clinton, but, when […]

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