Ypsi/Arbor Exit interviews

When interesting people leave the area, and I get wind of it, I hunt them down and force them to submit to exit interviews. Sometimes they’re awkward and painful, but, more often than not, they’re quite lovely… In fact, they’re so lovely that, not too long ago, the local NPR affiliate decided to start doing them as well.

Here, in reverse chronological order, are the folks that we’ve heard from thus far.

Merritt Bankes (Tecumseh)
Caleb Elijah Zweifler (the open road)
D’Real Graham (Washington, D.C.)
Jeff Meyers (Palo Alto)
Amanda Sari Perez (Pittsburgh)
Eric Stephenson (Chicago)
Casey and Ryan Dawson (Portland)
Kyla Mishler (Chicago)
Rita Jane Riggs (Albuquerque)
Erica Mooney (Vanderbilt, Michigan)
Christine Laughren (Ghana)
Theresa Rickloff (Portland)
Mike Shecket (Columbus)
Bethany Schultz and Kelly Weger (Indianapolis)
Miro Lomeli (Chicago)
Johnny Lupinacci (Moscow, Idaho)
Melissa Dettloff (Detroit)
Newcombe Clark (Chicago)
Thom Elliott (Novi)
Charlie Slick (Portland)
Vikram Bastian (Oakland)
Dustin Krcatovich (Portland)
Becca Keating (LA)
Zach Pollock (Chicago)
Christopher Leggz Pierce (Portland)
Josh Chamberlain (Cincinnati)
Nicasia Marie Solano-Reed (NYC)
Adrianne Finelli (Erie, PA)
Vinnie Massimino (Detroit)
Annie Palmer (Ann Arbor)
Casey Dixon (Seattle)
Thomas Kula (NYC)
Stephen Jolley (Portland)
Hollis Knight Coats (Portland)
Stevo Doccerson (Florida)
Forest Juziuk (Oakland)
Christine (no one cares)

I’m sure I missed some folks, but these were the first to come to mind. If you’re aware of anyone that I’ve spoken with who has been left off the list, let me know, and I’ll add them. And do let me know when interesting people leave.

[note: The entry for Christine, at the very bottom of the list, probably doesn’t count, as it wasn’t really an interview. As it’s kind of related, though, I thought that I’d add it here… Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not just “kind of” related. The exchange with the incredibly bitter and angry Christine is what gave me the idea for this series.]

BONUS: Video of the live exit interviews I conducted on behalf of Concentrate Media in March, 2013.


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