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Should I sign the Snyder recall petition? What are you planning to do?

In the wake of evidence surfacing that proves the Snyder administration knew of a connection between Flint’s water and a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease a full ten months before they took action, and Snyder’s subsequent refusal to testify before a Congressional committee as to what happened in Flint, it’s not surprising that even the […]

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Saying they “delayed our action plan,” Rick Snyder lays the blame for the Flint water disaster at the feet of “career civil servants” who cared more about process than people

You have to give him credit for having chutzpah. It took him a few days, but our Governor, with he help of multiple consultants and a few top flight PR firms, is attempting not just to deflect blame for what happened in Flint, but actually turn the deadly public health crisis into an anti-government parable […]

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ACLU Michigan’s investigative reporter Curt Guyette on the Flint water crisis, sharing meatloaf with musician Gregory McIntosh, the future of Ypsi’s infamous Elbow Room, and our second annual on-air swap meet… on this weekend’s Saturday Six Pack

Somehow, yet once again, we’ve managed to book an awesome show for your listening pleasure this Saturday evening. This weekend’s show will be in four parts. First, we will be continuing our ongoing coverage of the Flint water crisis with ACLU Michigan’s investigative reporter Curt Guyette. Then, we’ll be talking with Andrew Epstein, the new […]

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Rick Snyder tells Charlie LeDuff that he would let his grandchildren bathe daily in Flint water

Speaking of bathing your kids and grandkids in Flint municipal water, here’s a bulletin that was sent out a week or so ago by the state, telling people that doing so would be just fine, so long as none of the water made it into the mouths of said kids, as that would be “yucky.” […]

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Promising transparency, Governor Snyder pledged last night to make his emails public concerning the Flint water crisis… Here’s what transparency looks like to Governor Snyder

Here’s something for all of you who applauded Governor Rick Snyder last night during his “State of the State” speech, when he said the he’d be releasing his emails concerning the Flint water crisis, so that the people of Michigan could see what he knew, and when he knew it. Well, this is apparently an […]

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