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Donald Trump, never one to pass up an opportunity to demonstrate his depth of his smallness, chooses to mark his historic impeachment by coming to Michigan and speculating as to whether or not John Dingell may be burning in hell

It took impeachment, but Donald Trump has finally won his first popular vote! Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach the President of the United States this evening, making Donald J. Trump not just the third person in the entire history of our great nation to earn such a devastating rebuke, but […]

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Yes, Ben Shapiro, Michigan voters actually do want “a president respected by Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau”

In the wake of last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing in which constitutional law scholars Pamela Karlan, Noah Feldman, and Michael Gerhardt offered testimony on the constitutional basis for Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Republicans didn’t have much of a counter argument. As we discussed at the time, they paraded out a Republican shill by the […]

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Michigan takes another step toward addressing gerrymandering

It looks as though we’ve just taken another big step toward addressing gerrymandering in the state of Michigan today, as U.S. District Court Judge Janet T. Neff thew out the case by the Michigan Republican Party to block the nonpartisan redistricting ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly by Michigan voters. 61% of the voters in Michigan voted […]

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Trying my best to avoid the Russian honeypot

A few days ago, in a post about Tulsi Gabbard, I made a simple statement of fact. I said that RT, the “news” network that had amplified Gabbard’s comments about the Democratic primary being “rigged”, was a “Russian propaganda channel”. [For what it’s worth, the respected Columbia Journalism Review refers to RT as the “Kremlin’s […]

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As neo-Nazis come to Trump’s defense, the United States House of Representatives condemns his blatant racism in a 240 to 187 vote

Today, while Kellyanne Conway demanded to know the ethnicity of a reporter questioning her outside the White House and Mitch McConnell dodged questions about how he’d take it of someone told his Asian wife “go back” to Taiwan, the Democratic-led House of Representatives passed Resolution 489 condemning our racist President for telling four freshman Congresswomen […]

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