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Trump announces new government entity for tracking the crimes of immigrants, tells the wife of the Navy SEAL killed in Yemen that her husband is happy with the “record-breaking” applause that his death has received

Going into tonight’s State of the Union speech, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Given all of the developments over the past several days, I really didn’t know what Trump would say, or the tone he’d try to strike. “Would he, in an attempt completely reboot his presidency, dial back on the rambling insanity we’ve […]

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The truth behind the fiction of the Republican National Convention

I’m tempted to focus tonight on the xenophobic outbursts and the racist attacks that were witnessed yesterday at the Republican National Convention, but, instead, I thought that I’d share a few observations that others have made concerning the “We Built It” theme, which has been so central to this week’s proceedings in Tampa. (As you’ll […]

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The Buffett Rule dies in Congress, but, like Tupac, and Jesus, it shall rise again

I was all set to write about Tupac, and how I’d known that he was a hologram all along, but then I started reading about today’s failure by the Senate to act on the so-called Buffet Rule, which would have imposed a minimum tax of 30% to all individuals making more than one million dollars […]

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How much has Obama added to the debt, anyway?

We’ve talked a lot over the years about how much of our current national debt is directly attributable to the administration of our most recent President Bush (I wanted to refer to him “George Bush the Lesser,” but I thought that someone might accuse me of being being less than fair and balanced), but I […]

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The U.S. credit rating slips, proving that the debt ceiling agreement didn’t really fix anything

We gave in to the Congressional Republicans on the debt ceiling debate on almost every issue. We agreed not to raise taxes on the wealthy. We agreed not to tighten loopholes that allowed them to hide their assets elsewhere. We said that, instead, we would slash government spending. We were told that there wasn’t a […]

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