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EMU makes the Atlantic’s list of “U.S. Colleges and Majors that Are the Biggest Waste of Money”… and it’s total bullshit

A friend in Portland sent me a text this morning. He wanted to let me know that Eastern Michigan University (EMU) had made a list in the Atlantic. Sadly, it’s a list of universities that are the biggest waste of money. Specifically, they claim data exists to show that Art majors graduating from EMU will […]

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Vindictive Michigan Republicans seek retribution against U-M and Wayne State for renegotiating union contracts prior to the March 28 roll-out of right-to-work legislation

A bill passed this morning by the House Higher Education Subcommittee, in a 4-3 vote along party lines, would cut an additional $41 million in state funding from the University of Michigan, and $27.5 million in funding from Wayne State University. According to a report in today’s Detroit Free Press, this is being done to […]

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Middle class Michiganders to pay considerably more in taxes despite the anti-tax rhetoric of Lansing Republicans

Reading an article in the Detroit Free Press this evening about how taxes are going up precipitously on working class Michiganders, I’m reminded of something that I wrote about a year ago for this site. Here’s how my post began. Why is it that we allow the Republicans to refer to themselves as the anti-tax […]

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Video proves what I’d always suspected… I could have been having a much better time as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan

Inspired, I’m assuming, by the success of Girls Gone Wild, a pair of undergraduate filmmakers from the east coast have been traveling the country, documenting the debauchery of American undergraduates. And, unfortunately for the University for Michigan, they’ve already stopped in Ann Arbor twice. Here’s their most recent footage. This, I think it’s safe to […]

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Apparently billionaire alumni don’t like it when sociologists who specialize in “class dynamics and the role of debt in society” become university presidents… (U-M’s former Provost Theresa Sullivan forced to resign as President of UVA)

About two years ago, the University of Michigan lost its Provost, Theresa Sullivan, to the University of Virginia. People that I know at the University weren’t happy to see her leave, as she was extremely popular among faculty, but everyone seemed to be happy for her, as she was leaving to become the first female […]

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