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Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act

I thought I could wait a little longer before getting out my credit card, and going into debt for a 2020 presidential candidate, but I’ve been reading stories about how Elizabeth Warren is lagging behind her fellow candidates on the fundraising front, and felt compelled to put a few dollars into her account. I don’t […]

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Bernie Sanders demands that Obama ‘Stand with the American people’‎

I don’t donate a lot of money to political candidates. While I put in quite a few hours working for the Kerry and Obama campaigns, I didn’t give either of them very much in the way of cash. The only people that I can think of that I gave more than ten or twenty dollars […]

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Will Obama lose his base?

Prevailing wisdom seems to be that Obama doesn’t need to garner the favor of his progressive base. Those of us on the left, it’s thought, will vote for the President regardless, as we know there aren’t viable alternatives that are any better. All he needs to worry about, according to those who study such things, […]

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