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Joe Biden on guaranteed basic income

As the subject of guaranteed basic income comes up on this site every so often, I wanted to share this brief audio clip from yesterday’s episode of Pod Save America, which featured a lengthy interview with Vice President Joe Biden. In this excerpt, Biden can be heard discussing why, in his opinion, the idea of […]

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Obama demands that Washtenaw County return its armored vehicle to the Defense Department, leaving us vulnerable to invading armies

Remember how, in the wake of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, we discussed, among other things, the need to demilitarize our police forces? Well, earlier this year, President Obama took a step in that direction, signing Executive Order 13688, and thereby slowing the flow of surplus military equipment through the Department of Defense’s Excess Property […]

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Joe Biden at Netroots Nation Detroit

I spent yesterday at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit. The highlight for me was probably getting to see Vice President Joe Biden, who showed up at Cobo Hall about halfway trough the day to rile up the gay, abortion-loving base of the Democratic party. There were a number of noteworthy moments… like when, after […]

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Joe Biden: “These guys bet against America all the time”

God, I loved seeing Joe Biden put Paul Ryan over his knee and paddle him with facts. So, what’d you think? Here, if you didn’t watch it live, and can’t watch the above video in your cubicle, is a clip from the transcript. MS. RADDATZ: OK, on to taxes. If your ticket is elected, who […]

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Deficit Supper Committee fails due to Republican refusal to roll back Bush tax beaks

I went to the gym after work this evening and watched coverage of today’s admission of failure by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. I found myself getting incredibly pissed off, to the point of inadvertently blurting out “asshole” a couple of times, and flipping up my middle finger at the television set in […]

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