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Should we pursue perjury charges against the intelligence officials who swore to us that our calls and emails were not being monitored?

As you may recall, last March, months before the recent bombshell allegations of domestic spying were made by 29-year old NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, in sworn testimony before a Senate subcommittee, stated that the NSA does not “wittingly” collect any data at all on American citizens. Here’s video of […]

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The Buffett Rule dies in Congress, but, like Tupac, and Jesus, it shall rise again

I was all set to write about Tupac, and how I’d known that he was a hologram all along, but then I started reading about today’s failure by the Senate to act on the so-called Buffet Rule, which would have imposed a minimum tax of 30% to all individuals making more than one million dollars […]

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