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We keep hearing that COVID doesn’t discriminate, but the data shows that, here in Washtenaw County, it’s disproportionately the black residents of Ypsilanti who are suffering

As of yesterday at 3:00 PM, 14,225 residents of Michigan were known to have contracted COVID-19, with 540 of those cases being in Washtenaw County. [At the same time, there had been 540 deaths in Michigan from COVID-19, with 8 of those having been in Wasthenaw County.] Of those currently hospitalized in Washtenaw County, the […]

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Jared Kushner, having failed to deliver peace to the Middle East, is reassigned to manage the Trump administration’s COVID-19 response

I know I said yesterday that I wanted to spend more of my time thinking about positive things that people are doing here in our community, and less time considering Donald Trump’s negative impact on the lifespans of my loved ones, and I really meant it at the time… but then I read that the […]

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The River Street Grab-n-Go Community Pantry

A few days ago, in a coordinated effort not just to lower the bar for Donald Trump, but actually burry it, some on the right began floating the ridiculous idea that any American president capable of facing our current circumstances, and coming out of it with fewer than 200,000 dead, should be resoundingly hailed as […]

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On the bright side, COVID-19 is helping Donald Trump become a “ratings hit”

I thought, upon first pass, that this was something posted by a parody account. Sadly, though, it’s apparently real. This is an actual tweet from the President of the United States in the middle of a global pandemic. And, yes, he used the phrase, “the numbers are continuing to rise.” And they are. Only I’m […]

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Risking our lives to save his own

As of today, there are 53,740 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, of which, 1,700 are here in Michigan. Here’s our current trajectory, based on the data. One would hope that, with about half U.S. states now under some form of lockdown, and testing finally starting to ramp up, we may eventually, over the […]

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