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Stephen Colbert introduces himself to America by way of Monroe public access television

When it was first announced that David Letterman would be retiring and that Stephen Colbert would be leaving the satirical Colbert Report to take his place at the helm of the Late Show on CBS, a lot of people, myself included, wondered how he would make the transition from fictional conservative pundit to something more […]

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Totally Quotable Arlo: long shadow edition

We went to the lake yesterday and stayed a little longer than we’d planned to. By the time we finally packed up and left, the sun was going down, and, on the way to the car, Arlo noticed that his shadow had grown since he’d seen it last. “My shadow’s a grown-up,” he said. I […]

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He was a big freak

One of the best things about Fathers Day each year is that Linette invariably breaks out a mixed tape that she made for me several years ago that contains the Betty Davis song He was a Big Freak. It’s the only time I ever hear the song, and it always makes me incredibly happy. I’m […]

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Being forced to contemplate my naked breasts repeatedly on Fathers Day

For Fathers Day, Linette and the kids gathered up every shirtless photo I’ve taken since Clementine’s birth and bound them together in one giant coffee table book. For what it’s worth, they claim it’s just a coincidence, and that they hadn’t set out to find every photo in existence of my nipples. Regardless of their […]

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Tiger Legs

Arlo has been waking up early lately in order to adorn himself with what he calls “tiger legs” before heading off to school. [He’s also been growling a lot more lately.] Up until yesterday, I’d been fine with it. Now, though, as a result of the recent news out of Spokane, I feel as though […]

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