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President Trump chooses not to pursue the sanctions against Russia demanded by Congress… We are officially in crisis…

Back in July, in the words of Senator Nancy Pelosi, “Congress passed a bill on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis requiring the Administration to impose defense and intelligence sanctions on entities purchasing Russian military equipment.” This legislation, we were told at the time, was necessary, among other things, to both punish the Russians for having meddled […]

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Trump announces new government entity for tracking the crimes of immigrants, tells the wife of the Navy SEAL killed in Yemen that her husband is happy with the “record-breaking” applause that his death has received

Going into tonight’s State of the Union speech, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Given all of the developments over the past several days, I really didn’t know what Trump would say, or the tone he’d try to strike. “Would he, in an attempt completely reboot his presidency, dial back on the rambling insanity we’ve […]

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Was I the only one thinking that Marco Rubio was hitting the pollyjuice potion tonight?

This evening, when Marco Rubio franticly lunged for his water bottle during the Republican response to President Obabma’s State of the Union address, was I think only one to immediately think, “polyjuice potion“? I’m not necessarily suggesting that the esteemed representative of the Koch Brothers in the United States Senate, is a Death Eater intent […]

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Tonight’s Sate of the Union address

I’m listing to the President’s State of the Union address right now, and wondering how in the hell any of the Republicans currently fighting for their party’s nomination think they’ve got a realistic shot against him come November. I know it’s just a speech, and a lot of the ideas will never come to fruition, […]

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Waiting for Bachmann’s insane response to the State of the Union

While we’re all online, waiting for Michele Bachmann’s bat-shit insane response to our President’s brilliant state-of-the-union address, here’s a little something to whet your appetite for crazy. This is self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs of Generals International explaining how the recent mass bird deaths we’ve seen around the world are the result of Don’t Ask Don’t […]

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