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Michael Flynn pleads guilty, sounding the alarm for Republicans to push through permanent tax cuts for the wealthy before their party dies

Yesterday morning, it was announced that Michael “lock her up” Flynn, the conspiracy theorist turned foreign agent that Donald Trump tapped to be his National Security Adviser in spite of warnings from the Justice Department, had plead guilty to the charge of lying to federal investigators pursing the investigation into Russia’s involvement in our 2016 […]

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Congressman Alan Grayson calls for a vote on the Public Option now

It’s worth noting that the House healthcare bill already incorporates a public health insurance plan. The issue has always been in the Senate, where we’d need at least 50 votes under reconciliation, with the Vice President casting the deciding vote. Fortunately, we seem to be making progress there as well. As of today, we’ve got […]

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The Public Option, alive, scratching at coffin lid

I don’t know if it’s for real this time, or if it’s just more political posturing on the part of certain Democrats, but it seems as though the so-called “public option” may not be as completely dead as we’d been led to believe. The following clip comes from The Hill: …The recess week ended up […]

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Robert Reich thinks the healthcare bill would be an improvement, but just barely

In the interest of fairness, I thought that I should include a link to this new piece by Robert Reich. Reich, unlike Dean, and some of the other people I’ve been quoting here lately, thinks that the current version of the healthcare bill being considered in the Senate would be worth passing. Here’s a clip: […]

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