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Tremendously Big, Tremendously Wet

With Hurricane Florence bearing down on the east coast, Donald Trump took a little time today to reflect on the “incredible unsung success” of his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria, the tropical storm that, at about this same time last year, decimated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. “I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful,” […]

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I should have said, “Climate change deniers ‘in government’ should be treated like war criminals.” Otherwise, I stand by this.

Climate change deniers should be treated like war criminals. https://t.co/6XFigtRFyO — Mark Maynard (@MarkAMaynard) July 4, 2018

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I’m busy tonight, but I just wanted to stop by and say, I will never forgive those of you who voted for this man

[Sorry in advance for the short screed to come, but, having just read an article about how the glaciers of the Swiss Alps have literally shrunk by half since 1850, I think it’s a natural response. Or at least I think it should be.] With all due respect to those of you who voted for […]

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Trump, from the comfort of his New Jersey golf club, calls out the men and women of Puerto Rico for being lazy and ungrateful as they fight for their lives

Yesterday, a full 10 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, the Mayor of San Juan, unsatisfied by the response of the United States government to the crisis being faced by her constituents, made the decision to go on the offensive. Calling out the “inefficiency” and “bureaucracy” that was preventing […]

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I’m too busy to blog properly tonight, but can someone please explain to me how lowering taxes prevents hurricanes?

Let me help you out this that, @realDonaldTrump. Here's what I think you meant to say. pic.twitter.com/fP3n6EDCOa — Mark Maynard (@MarkAMaynard) September 13, 2017 Yes, in case you missed it, the top tweet, minus my suggested edits, of course, really was sent out by Donald Trump today. Apparently, what we all saw play out across […]

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