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As more charges are announced in the Flint water investigation, Democrats demand that Snyder be held to account for his role

Saying, “Some people failed to act, others minimized harm done and arrogantly chose to ignore data, some intentionally altered figures and covered up significant health risks,” Michigan Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced criminal charges yesterday against six current and former state employees of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and the Michigan Department […]

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The Buffett Rule dies in Congress, but, like Tupac, and Jesus, it shall rise again

I was all set to write about Tupac, and how I’d known that he was a hologram all along, but then I started reading about today’s failure by the Senate to act on the so-called Buffet Rule, which would have imposed a minimum tax of 30% to all individuals making more than one million dollars […]

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Happy Mothers Day

After all, there’s no reason that victims of rape and incest shouldn’t be able to share this special day with everyone else… [Tonight’s post is brought to you by the phrase, “rape audit,” which was just introduced into the American lexicon thanks to our our friends in the Republican Party, who are apparently all for […]

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