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The creation of a global movement for preserving life on earth… right here, right now

In a perfect word, people would do the right thing just because it was the right thing. They would give money to the people of Bangladesh without George Harrison having to produce a concert, and they would have marched to demand clean drinking water for the citizens of Flint without Mark Ruffalo calling them into […]

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I hate that, in the America of Donald Trump, trolling the left has become a legitimate career path

I want desperately to put on some comically large fake glasses, tuck all my hair up into a baseball cap, and drive the three hours to Kent State, just so I can get on Twitter and post, “Today I went undercover at Kent State to ask students what they thought about Mark Maynard, the Hot […]

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I hesitate to do this, as I know it’s exactly what they want, but fuck Urban Outfitters

I know that I should just keep my mouth shut, as everyone else is already talking about this, and as I know it’s exactly what Richard Hayne, the far-right CEO and chief provocateur of Urban Outfitters wants, but I can’t help myself. I keep putting down my computer, and trying to walk away, but I […]

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Will teabaggery inevitably lead to violence?

I’m just getting caught up on Metafilter after having dinner at the Brewery with my family, and I’m finding this thread on Tea Party progenitor Keli Carender to be particularly interesting. Maybe it’s the beer, but I’m finding myself completely intrigued by this criminally uninformed young woman and the movement she’s credited with birthing. (Sorry […]

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