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I’m busy tonight, but I just wanted to stop by and say, I will never forgive those of you who voted for this man

[Sorry in advance for the short screed to come, but, having just read an article about how the glaciers of the Swiss Alps have literally shrunk by half since 1850, I think it’s a natural response. Or at least I think it should be.] With all due respect to those of you who voted for […]

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Pruitt names high school graduate Cathy Stepp to head the EPA’s Great Lakes Region, where she’ll be responsible for 85% of our nation’s fresh water reserves

Kakistocracy is defined as “a system of government which is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.” Above is a photo of Cathy Stepp. Until deciding to run for elected office in Wisconsin back in the early 2000s, she ran a residential construction company with her husband. She has no scientific credentials. […]

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With our second “500 year” storm in three weeks gathering off the coast of Florida, it’s time to accept the reality of climate change, finally hold the GOP accountable for their lies, and take decisive action

As I write this, there are three hurricanes working their way westward across the Atlantic. They are; Katia, Irma, and Jose. Irma, the one that appears to be the most deadly of the three at the moment, has maintained a sustained windspeed of 185 miles an hour for over 24 hours now, breaking all known […]

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As Trump refuses to distance himself from America’s white domestic terrorists, we appeal to members of the GOP to acknowledge the blood on their hands and do the right thing before things get even worse

[The above quote, offered earlier today in Charlottesville, is from white supremacist David Duke. You’ll find the context below.] As news was breaking this morning about the events in Charlottesville, many of us, in our own little ways, tried to help push members of the GOP into making statements rebuking those who had taken to […]

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Tim Walberg: If climate change is real, God will “take care of it”

Yes, it’s true. It looks as though Trump is getting ready to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement tomorrow. There’s no reason for alarm, though. According to Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg we don’t need to act on the recommendations of the international scientific community, as God will see us through. “I believe […]

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