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George Harrison’s estate, saying it was “offensive” to play “Here Comes the Sun” at the RNC, suggests they should have played “Beware of Darkness”

I’d rather not get into specifics, but I had kind of a difficult day yesterday. And, knowing this, Clementine and Linette made me a nice dinner that started with a big gin and tonic, some time alone on the couch with George Harrison, and a big bowl of homemade artichoke dip. [During times of stress, […]

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Bob Zmuda on securing Andy Kaufman’s penis with gaffer’s tape prior to his wrestling matches, the origins of Tony Clifton, Andy’s plans to fake his death, and a million other things

Last night, I listened to Marc Maron’s interview with Andy Kaufman’s old writing partner, Bob Zmuda. My sense is that Maron… who has a brilliant podcast, by the way… found the experience somewhat frustrating, as Zmuda insisted on being evasive about a few things, like the circumstances surrounding Andy’s death, and the question as to […]

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I would have rather waken up this morning and seen the headline “Lou Reed torn apart by baboons” than have seen this…

I’m trying to tell myself that it’s good that he’s still trying new things, but, Jesus Christ, this is so much worse than anything that I could have imagined. I mean, holding concerts for dogs is one thing – at least I could kind of justify that as performance art – but I’m finding it […]

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I apparently need to make a friend by October 5

I just found out that Martin Scorsese’s made-for-cable documentary on the life of George Harrison is set to air in two parts, on October 5th and 6th. That gives me approximately 6 weeks to make a friend with HBO. If you have HBO, and a comfortable couch, and can keep your mouth shut for a […]

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Happy Birthday, Bob

Two incredible piece of video that, until this evening, I’d never seen.

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