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Over 1,000 Detroiters shut down traffic, demand the city “Turn the Water On”

I’m heading back into the conference now, but here are a few photos from today’s protest in response to the water issue in Detroit… I don’t know what the powers that be in Detroit must have been thinking when they decided to shut the water off now, just as 3,000 of our nation’s most radical […]

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“Legfest”… a benefit to preserve the legs of Patrick Elkins… October 11 at Woodruffs

Remember how, a few weeks ago, I told you that some friends and I were exploring ways to help densely bearded local troubadour Patrick Elkins pay the almost $10,000 in medical bills that he’d amassed over the past year, as a result of his ongoing battle with Deep Vein Thrombosis? Well, phase-one of our plan […]

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If the Christmas carols being sung outside of Rick Snyder’s home don’t cause his Grinch-like heart to swell, let’s try shutting down Lansing…

If I were a good blogger, I’d be standing in the cold tonight with those folks singing Christmas carols outside of the Governor’s Superior Township residence, but, instead, I’m here at home, where I’ve been all day, tending to the needs of my sick family… making chicken soup, fluffing pillows, and doing all of the […]

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Bernie Sanders on the threat of oligarchy and why we need to push Obama harder on reform

I know I should be typing up my notes about last night’s 10th anniversary party, but I’m watching Bill Moyers interview Bernie Sanders, and I’m finding it difficult to work up the motivation to do anything more than just sob and gnash my teeth. You can find the whole transcript by following this link, but […]

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Chris Hedges calls Black Bloc anarchists a cancer to the Occupy movement

In hopes of continuing our conversation on the value that Black Bloc anarchists bring to the Occupy movement, I thought that I’d link to this new article on the subject by Chris Hedges. Here’s a clip. The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer […]

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