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The creation of a global movement for preserving life on earth… right here, right now

In a perfect word, people would do the right thing just because it was the right thing. They would give money to the people of Bangladesh without George Harrison having to produce a concert, and they would have marched to demand clean drinking water for the citizens of Flint without Mark Ruffalo calling them into […]

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I asked actor Mark Ruffalo about his desire to portray Columbo, and you won’t believe what he did next!

Remember how I told you that Mark Ruffalo was here in Detroit to help draw attention to the fact that several hundreds of the City’s most poor were now without water, and how, if I got the chance, I’d ask him about his statement yesterday concerning his desire to play Columbo? Well, as it turns […]

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Mark Ruffalo runs on stage at Netroots Nation to advocate for action in Detroit on recent water shut-offs

I think everyone here at Netroots Nation was going to attend anyway, but actor Mark Ruffalo just ran out on stage, as Senator Elizabeth Warren made her way off, urging everyone to attend this afternoon’s big Keep The Water On rally outside of COBO Hall. Here he is, making his plea. (The women at my […]

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