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Whitmer accuses Trump of “inciting domestic terrorism,” saying that he’s “complicit” in the plot to kidnap and execute her

Yesterday, the FBI released the following video which appears to show several of the men involved in the recently thwarted plot to kidnap — and likely assassinate — Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The FBI, as you will recall, found the threat — which involved two former Marines — to be both serious and credible, arresting […]

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Whitmer says that she’s “prepared to take heat” and impose new restrictions if COVID-19 cases keep rising

While things aren’t as bad as they were a few months ago, when we were the fourth worst state in the nation relative to the spread of COVID-19, the curve here in Michigan has started to turn in the wrong direction over the past several days, and public health officials are becoming concerned. 454 new […]

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We are the shithole nation

In the words of the Atlantic’s Annie Lowrey, “Ending the pandemic would have been the single best thing the federal government could have done to preserve the country‚Äôs wealth, health, and economic functioning. The Trump administration, in its hubris, obstinacy, and incompetence, failed to do it.” Donald Trump not only failed to end the pandemic, […]

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Just how bad is this armed, pro-Trump protest in Lansing going to be?

Apparently, the first two armed protests in Lansing weren’t sufficient. A third is scheduled for tomorrow, and, judging from what we’re seeing on social media, and in the press, it promises to be even more insane. Here, to give you a sense of what’s floating around on Facebook, is an excerpt from a recent Metro […]

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