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After months of the President promising that COVID-19 would just “disappear,” the White House Chief of Staff concedes, “We’re not going to control the pandemic”

Yesterday, as you can see in the above graphic from Detroit Channel 4, 3,338 new cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Michigan, far exceeding anything we’ve seen during the earlier waves of the coronavirus pandemic. As our current fatality rate in the state is 4.7%, that essentially means that 157 Michiganders were told yesterday that […]

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Rick Bright testifies that we still “don’t have a master plan for (the COVID-19) response,” and McConnell concedes that, yes, the Obama administration did leave a detailed pandemic response plan, but that Trump just didn’t follow it

Two interesting things happened in the real world yesterday as fucking idiots with assault weapons gathered in Lansing, shutting down the capitol to speculate about the imaginary crimes committed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and fantasize about her assassination. Rick Bright, a former high-ranking vaccine official at the Department of Health and Human Services, testified before […]

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Just how bad is this armed, pro-Trump protest in Lansing going to be?

Apparently, the first two armed protests in Lansing weren’t sufficient. A third is scheduled for tomorrow, and, judging from what we’re seeing on social media, and in the press, it promises to be even more insane. Here, to give you a sense of what’s floating around on Facebook, is an excerpt from a recent Metro […]

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Trump nearly doubling his death toll estimate, continues to urge states to reopen despite official White House guidelines

On Fox News yesterday, Donald Trump, after making the ridiculous case that he’s been “treated worse” than Abraham Lincoln, said that, in his opinion, it is now safe to re-open society. He then went on to say that, by the time all of this is over, the COVID-19 death toll in the United States could […]

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Illustrating the incredible power of white privilege, a small army of Trump supporters with assault weapons storm Michigan’s capitol, intimidate legislators, and get to go back to their families afterward

About two weeks ago, several hundred Trump supporters, having been motivated by well-funded social media campaigns, descended upon Lansing, risking their lives to demand that we put the interests of Michigan’s business owners before the public health of our citizens, and re-open the state in spite of the guidance of public health professionals. At the […]

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