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On the occasion of Arlo’s second birthday

Here, on the occasion of my son’s second birthday, are ten random thoughts that I wrote to him last night. As I suspect that he may misplace the letter that I handed him as he went screaming through the living room, I thought that perhaps I’d reprint it here as well. 1. Arlo, I’m loving […]

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Celebrating the anniversary of my extraction

On this day, many, many years ago, I was pulled from the womb of my unconscious mother with forceps. Later, according to my mother’s account, when a nurse brought me to her, she refused to take me, saying, “No, I haven’t had my baby yet.” A few friends and loved ones seem to think that […]

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Happy first birthday Arlo Lao Maynard

A year ago yesterday, Linette and I we welcomed our son Arlo into the world. Like his sister, once he made up his mind that he wanted to join us, he came shooting down the birth canal like a rocket. I think I must have mentioned it here before, but, eight years ago, when Linette […]

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I just wanted to say that I think Google is cool for commemorating Houdini’s birthday

Had that sucker punch not ruptured his guts, today would have been Houdini’s 137th birthday. It’s weird… I really dislike our popular magicians of today, like David Copperfield and that guy who stands still for really long periods of time, but I really admire and respect Houdini. I wonder why that is. And I wonder […]

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Daniel Johnston’s “Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness”

One of my favorite musicians, Daniel Johnston, turned 50 yesterday, and, to show their appreciation, a lot of his fans pledged money through Kickstarter so that he might be able to publish his first real comic book. Here’s a little video on the project, followed by a little more in the way of background. If […]

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