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It’s time to vote, Michigan! Let me know if I can help.

I read something yesterday that struck me. The Atlantic’s David Frum, commenting about how difficult it is for some people in the United States to vote, said, “It’s not easy to design a voting system that creates 11 hour lines.” “Generating delays like this,” he went on, “(requires) careful planning and sustained commitment.” And he’s […]

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Donald Trump has threatened to harm Michiganders because our elected officials are making it easier and safer for us to vote

Yesterday, saying that “every Michigan citizen has a right under our state constitution to vote by mail,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that all voters in our state will be receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail. Well, this apparently didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, who tweeted out the following in response. […]

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“No more stimulus without universal vote-by-mail!” Tell your representatives.

Generally speaking, I don’t have the stomach for playing political hardball when people’s lives (or the profitability of huge corporate behemoths like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse) are on the line, but I think that we need to encourage Democratic members of Congress to stand firm and demand that, before another bailout is signed into law, we […]

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There’s nothing more surreal than watching Donald Trump in North Carolina, where Republicans have been found guilty of voter fraud, talking about illegal voting by Democrats in California, absent any evidence at all

Back during the 2018 midterm elections, a Republican by the name of Mark Harris won North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. The results of that election, however, were never certified, as it came to light shortly after Election Day that Harris had hired a political operative (and convicted felon) by the name of Leslie McCrae Dowless, […]

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