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This is it, Michigan. Vote as if your life depends on it… Because it does.

In the 2016 presidential election, 63% of eligible voters in Michigan cast their ballots. The total number of voters that year was 4,874,619. And, as we know, Donald Trump won the state with the slimmest of margins. Just 10,704 votes — a mere 0.23% of the votes cast — decided which candidate we’d give our […]

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How is it that we allow this to happen in America?

Georgia held both its Republican and Democratic primaries today, and things did not go smoothly in many of the state’s bluer districts. [This was, of course, by design.] As it’s late, I’d just like to leave you with the following five Twitter posts. If, after considering them, you should find yourself agreeing with me that […]

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Donald Trump has threatened to harm Michiganders because our elected officials are making it easier and safer for us to vote

Yesterday, saying that “every Michigan citizen has a right under our state constitution to vote by mail,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that all voters in our state will be receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail. Well, this apparently didn’t sit well with Donald Trump, who tweeted out the following in response. […]

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What COVID-19 metrics should we be following?

I get that it’s important, from a public health perspective, to track the total number of active COVID-19 cases over time. Having a sense as to how many people have been diagnosed at a given point in time, should, in theory, give you a sense as to what you might expect a week or two […]

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Michigan takes another step toward addressing gerrymandering

It looks as though we’ve just taken another big step toward addressing gerrymandering in the state of Michigan today, as U.S. District Court Judge Janet T. Neff thew out the case by the Michigan Republican Party to block the nonpartisan redistricting ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly by Michigan voters. 61% of the voters in Michigan voted […]

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