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The University of Michigan, with an increasingly wealthy student body, sets out to return the “common man” and increase economic diversity

Politico has a really interesting piece today about the increasingly wealthy University of Michigan student body, what that means in practical terms when it comes to economics and politics in the state, and what University leaders are doing to reverse the trend, and increase economic diversity on campus. And, interestingly, they’ve decided to tell the […]

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The Ann Arbor News Does Not Speak For Ypsilanti, a rant from the sickbed of Mark Maynard

I’m in bed with a cold. My eyes are burning, I’m coughing up copious mounts of phlegm, and I’m grumpy as hell. And I know from experience that, when I’m in a condition such as this, I should probably refrain from blogging. But I’ve had a few swigs of extra-strength cough syrup, and I’ve convinced […]

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I got lucky tonight in Ypsilanti

This evening, after getting home from work, I took my dog for a walk. We were making pretty good time along the route we usually take, until we reached the intersection of Michigan Avenue and South Washington Street, when we were approached by a local business owner who wanted to talk about the upcoming vote […]

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Tracking down Patrick Elkins and forcing him to talk about Totally Awesome Fest 9

Last year, when Patrick Elkins, the densely-bearded, enigmatic recluse behind Ypsilanti’s Totally Awesome Fest, called a press conference to announce the line-up for the annual fertility ritual masquerading as a city-wide music festival, I was the only person to show up. And, as you might recall, it didn’t go well. This year, unsurprisingly, there was […]

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The first real day of Spring in Ypsilanti… the cigarette butts are coming up

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in Ypsilanti. I spent most of the day working in the yard with Clementine, raking leaves, burning up twigs, and planting kale. We did, however, find the time to take a few long walks around town, talking with folks, and snapping photos. While we got quite a few shots […]

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