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The people of Flint tell their story to Congress, EMU faculty vote “no confidence” against their Regents, and The Black Opera contemplates a multimedia hip-hop tour to sow the seeds of social regeneration… on this weekend’s Saturday Six Pack

When people call the Saturday Six Pack “the most ambitious little program on midwestern micro-watt AM” it’s shows like the one we have coming up this weekend that they’re thinking of. We’re not only going to be joined in the studio by hip-hop artist Jamall Bufford, who will be talking about the new multimedia project […]

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Nothing says you care about the people of Flint like hosting an opulent party for your friends in downtown Ann Arbor behind blacked out windows

I got word this past weekend that there was a secret party taking place in downtown Ann Arbor, a posh event inside an upscale restaurant. The windows of the restaurant, I was told, had been “blacked out,” and there was security outside. The man who had rented it out, according to the person who first […]

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Snyder’s reception at Old Town tonight makes me wonder how long it’ll be before he leaves Ann Arbor

A year or so ago, when Rick Snyder announced that he’d be selling his house in the gated community outside of Ann Arbor and moving to a million dollar condo downtown, I’m sure it seemed like a good idea. Even though he’d done things in office that people didn’t like, folks still, for the most […]

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Ann Arbor’s Whiplash lands at 457 on Inc. magazines list of America’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies

I’m not sure why my old friend James Marks didn’t mention it to me when I saw him a few days ago, but it looks as though his merchandizing logistics company, Whiplash, has landed a spot near the top of the “Inc. 5000” – Inc. magazine’s annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the […]

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Wayfinding in Ypsilanti… if we’re going to do this, let’s do it right

I don’t know how it was decided… maybe someone important got lost on his or her way through Ypsilanti… but word has apparently come down that we need to institute a comprehensive wayfinding system across the city, so that people, from here on out, will know which way they need to point their cars if […]

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