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We tend to forget because of the big crowds, but Donald Trump is incredibly unpopular

It did my heart good to see this today… It’s good to be reminded every now and then that, while Donald Trump’s supporters are very loud and visible, they aren’t everywhere, and there’s a reason why, for the most part, we only see the president standing in front on rallies, where all those in attendance […]

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Thankfully, while the President of the United Stated is focused on getting his co-conspirators out of jail, we have a Governor in Michigan that’s putting the health and safety of our people first

Gretchen Whitmer joins the governors of Kansas, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington in making mask-wearing mandatory. Today, as Donald “the most innocent man in the history of the United States” Trump was commuting the sentence of convicted criminal Roger Stone, our Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, was focused on the health and safety of her constituents, signing […]

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What can Michigan do about Cronavirus in the absence of federal leadership?

As of yesterday, in spite of the President’s repeated promises that coronavirus tests are readily available, only about 7,695 Americans have been tested for the deadly virus, putting us far behind every other developed nation currently battling the pandemic. [Donald Trump, as you’ll recall, said at the CDC this past Friday, “Anybody, right now and […]

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Coming to terms with the possibility that a very large percentage of us may get COVID-19

I know it’s probably not productive at this point to continue with the assigning of blame. The cat, as they say, is now out of the bag, and I don’t know what good it does to dwell on the numerous and significant failures of Donald Trump and his appointees, who, it would seem, were more […]

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Donald Trump’s hijacking of the 4th of July: Armored Vehicle Edition

We’ve known for quite a while that Donald Trump has wanted to preside over a public display of what he perceives to be “his” military force. He’s said as much publicly. In the past, though, there have always been people, like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who have stood in the way, and kept him […]

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