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Another day in the post-reality nightmare hell-world of Trump’s America

Since we spoke yesterday about the official-looking poster Donald Trump had made to declare his innocence in the White House Rose Garden, things have gotten even worse. Here are four things that have happened over the course of the last day. 1. The official White House Twitter account posted the following, essentially making the case […]

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Offering no evidence, William Barr tells Congress, “I think spying did occur” on Trump campaign by intel agencies in 2016

Attorney General William Barr, testifying before the Senate Appropriations Committee today, let it be known that, in his opinion, “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign by U.S. intelligence agencies in 2016. Barr not only offered no evidence to back up this surprising claim, but, upon further questioning, said that he would not be “putting […]

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Our President, the Russian agent

As much as I’d like to spend my time this evening talking about Donald Trump and his 300 hamburgers, I think our time together might be better spent discussing the two big pieces of news that broke over the weekend concerning the Russia investigation. First, the New York Times reported that, just after Donald Trump […]

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While we were all yelling about Trump’s fucking wall, it was established that Paul Manafort funneled internal Trump campaign polling data to the Russians, likely to assist in their anti-Clinton disinformation campaign

I know I should probably be talking about Trump’s ridiculous speech from the Oval Office last night, and how, surrounded by the deplorable misfits that remain his administration, he moved effortlessly from talking about his boundless love for all people to reciting a list of Americans beheaded and beaten to death by hammer-wielding Mexicans, and […]

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Michael Flynn’s sentencing was postponed to give him time to cooperate more fully with federal prosecutors

One year ago this month, General Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security advisor, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations he’d had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak while working on the Trump transition team, and, today, he was supposed to be sentenced. That, however, never happened. As I understand it, things were moving […]

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