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On the bright side, COVID-19 is helping Donald Trump become a “ratings hit”

I thought, upon first pass, that this was something posted by a parody account. Sadly, though, it’s apparently real. This is an actual tweet from the President of the United States in the middle of a global pandemic. And, yes, he used the phrase, “the numbers are continuing to rise.” And they are. Only I’m […]

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What can Michigan do about Cronavirus in the absence of federal leadership?

As of yesterday, in spite of the President’s repeated promises that coronavirus tests are readily available, only about 7,695 Americans have been tested for the deadly virus, putting us far behind every other developed nation currently battling the pandemic. [Donald Trump, as you’ll recall, said at the CDC this past Friday, “Anybody, right now and […]

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Days after mocking those concerned about the spread of coronavirus, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is in quarantine, having been exposed to the disease

Remember how hilariously funny it was, just a few days ago, when Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz wore a gas mask onto the floor of the House in an attempt to make light of what he saw as Democratic overreaction to the public health emergency we’re all now facing? Well, guess what? A few days after […]

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Flying with drug-resistant tuberculosis… not that there’s anything wrong with that

When you return with a burning sore throat from a grueling, sleepless 15-hour cross-country trip, which involved a series of cramped flights on discount airlines, the last thing you want to read is an interview with an author which notes the prevalence of people flying with drug-resistant tuberculosis. The following quote is from sci-fi author […]

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