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Why is Lindsey “Lady G” Graham being outed now?

The internet is abuzz right now with news that gay adult film actor Sean Harding had posted on Twitter, urging other men working the high-end male escort circuit to come out, violate their non-disclosure agreements, and let the world know that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is in the habit of paying for their services. He […]

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Mattis joins Mullen in speaking out, warning America of what may come next, if Trump isn’t stopped

Yesterday, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a statement saying that the only response to the “violent anarchists and insurrectionists” protesting in America’s cities was an “overwhelming display of force.” And, today, in the New York Times, he elaborated, saying that the U.S. military needed to be deployed across the United States against those whom […]

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Donald Trump’s hijacking of the 4th of July: Armored Vehicle Edition

We’ve known for quite a while that Donald Trump has wanted to preside over a public display of what he perceives to be “his” military force. He’s said as much publicly. In the past, though, there have always been people, like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who have stood in the way, and kept him […]

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If we “defeated ISIS in Syria,” how is it that they killed four American citizens today?

Remember how, just before Christmas, Donald Trump announced that he’d decided to pull our troops out of Syria without having run it by either our allies or our own military leaders? And remember how, at the time, he said that, thanks to his tremendous leadership, ISIS had been defeated in Syria, and how Defense Secretary […]

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Trump’s unilateral decision to pull out of Syria sends Defense Secretary Jim Mattis for the door

Today, in the wake of Donald Trump’s surprise decision to pull American troops out of Syria without first consulting either our allies, or our military leaders in the field, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis submitted his letter of resignation, making the revered General the most recent in a long line of people to either walk away […]

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