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If you need something to feel good about, Clinton won Washtenaw County by over 77,000 votes, holding the Republican ticket to an historic low

I’m not one to take solace in the fact that, when all was said and done, more Americans voted for my candidate. While it may be true, it doesn’t change the fact that, because we didn’t work hard enough across the country to turn out the Democratic vote, we lost, putting a man like Donald […]

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Election Day live blog

8:00 AM… A friend asked what we should tell our children this morning. This was my response. 7:30 AM… Best case scenario. People who have been waiting on the sidelines with information on Trump, thinking that he’d likely lose, now come forward. This results in bipartisan impeachment proceedings. A weakened Pence administration is contained by […]

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Don’t stop engaging. There really are still undecided voters out there. I just met one.

I went out canvassing yesterday. I wasn’t scheduled to work a shift, but I had a few hours free, as the kids were otherwise engaged, so I decided to drop by the local Clinton campaign office and see what I could do to help. And, as there was another guy there who wanted to go […]

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If, for no other reason, please cast your ballot for Clinton in order to protect Obama’s legacy

I know most of you reading this probably don’t need yet one more reason to go to the polls this Tuesday and cast your votes for Hillary Clinton. Just in case, though, I wanted to share this recent Facebook post by my friend Tori Tomalia, the co-founder of the Ypsi-Arbor improv comedy space Pointless Brewery […]

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Get Out the Vote, Ypsilanti!

Yesterday, freaking out that Trump was climbing in the Michigan polls, I announced on this site that I’d be taking some vacation time from work to help out at Democratic Party office here in Ypsi. I did so because I knew that, if I made a public proclamation, I’d actually probably follow through. And apparently […]

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