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Why are GOP operatives working so hard to get Kanye West on the Wisconsin ballot?

For any of you who thought the Kanye West’s presidential run was anything but a cynical attempt to peel Democratic votes away from Joe Biden in order to advantage the Trump campaign, I give you the following footage, shot today in Madison, of Lane Ruhland, an election lawyer with the Wisconsin Republican Party, dropping off […]

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Woolery good. Fauci bad.

Today, the President of the United States shared a tweet claiming that the CDC and other public health officials are “lying” about COVID-19 in order to hurt his chances of winning reelection. It wasn’t clear from the tweet, which was authored by second-rate conservative conspiracy theorist Chuck Woolery, the former host of the syndicated daytime […]

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Is Michigan’s Justin Amash going to help Donald Trump win reelection?

Michigan Congressman Justin Amash, the former Republican who made news last year by voting with Democrats to impeach Donald Trump, announced today that he is seriously considering a third-party run for president, as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. While he certainly has a right to do so, I, like others, can’t help but think […]

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Alan Haber and other founding members of SDS call on the young Socialists of today to put aside their political purity tests, consider the threat Donald Trump poses to our republic, and back Joe Biden’s campaign for president

Earlier this week, as you can read in the above Twitter post, the Democratic Socialists of America announced that they would not be following in the footsteps of progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and endorsing Joe Biden for President. Well, this didn’t exactly sit well with some members of the old left. And, […]

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Risking our lives to save his own

As of today, there are 53,740 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, of which, 1,700 are here in Michigan. Here’s our current trajectory, based on the data. One would hope that, with about half U.S. states now under some form of lockdown, and testing finally starting to ramp up, we may eventually, over the […]

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