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The blood on Carly Fiorina’s hands

Not too long ago, struggling presidential candidate Carly Fiorina accused Hillary Clinton of having “blood on her hands.” According to the increasingly desperate former Hewlett-Packard CEO, Secretary of State Clinton, through her “gross dereliction of duty,” had cost Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans their lives during a September 11, 2012 terrorist attack against […]

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If the Republican attempt to kill peace talks with Iran isn’t treason, it’s pretty damn close

The Obama administration, in hopes of derailing conservative plans for war with Iran, is presently working with our nation’s allies to broker a diplomatic solution that would allow the Iranians to pursue a non-military nuclear program while putting in place a framework of strict international oversight. Republicans in Washington, not wanting to see a peace […]

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Was I the only one thinking that Marco Rubio was hitting the pollyjuice potion tonight?

This evening, when Marco Rubio franticly lunged for his water bottle during the Republican response to President Obabma’s State of the Union address, was I think only one to immediately think, “polyjuice potion“? I’m not necessarily suggesting that the esteemed representative of the Koch Brothers in the United States Senate, is a Death Eater intent […]

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Christine O’Donnell wins the Delaware primary, signals end of mankind

My plan was to write something about unhinged teabagger Christine O’Donnell’s big win in Delaware last night, and I’d started working on it, but then I happened across this great summary at Think Progress, and thought that I’d just steal it and save myself the trouble. In the final round of primaries last night, the […]

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Kendrick Meek’s campaign ad is the best thing I’ve seen all day

I try to stay as far away from Florida politics as I possibly can, but I just happened across this wonderful campaign ad by Congressman Kendrick Meek, and I felt compelled to pass it along. Meek, the only Democrat in a three person race for Senate, is way down in the polls, but I suspect […]

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