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Will Republicans, in service of Donald Trump, attempt to delay the certification of Michigan’s election?

Michigan’s election results are supposed to be certified tomorrow, but there’s some doubt as to whether or not it’ll actually happen. It appears as if, even though every individual county has certified their election results, and no actual evidence of election fraud has been offered, the two Republicans on the State Board of Canvassers may […]

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This day in treason

With the Georgia election having just been certified, there’s really no path forward for Trump at this point. Biden has him beat in too many states, and by too wide of a margin, to make stealing the election feasible. Despite his efforts, Biden’s victories are being certified, and Trump’s laughable legal challenges are being thrown […]

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Our Electors vote to make Trump the President of the United States on Monday

As tomorrow is the day that our Electors meet to cast their votes for President, I know I should probably post something thoughtful here tonight, but, as I’ve written so damn much about the Electoral College over the past month, and the efforts to convince Republican Electors to cast their ballots for anyone other than […]

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Am I the only one who gets the sense that there’s an absolute war going on around the Electoral College?

Over the past 24 hours, since I last posted about the drama shaping up around the Electoral College, two significant things have happened. First, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig went public with the news that 20 Republican Electoral College voters had reached out to him to discuss the possibility of voting against Donald Trump. And, […]

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Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote

Remember how I warned you that things were going to get exponentially more surreal as we approached the Electoral College vote on December 19? Well, it looks like I may have been right after all. Or at least things seem to be trending in that direction. Not only have eight Electors come forward to say […]

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