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The native plants of the Water Street prairie need your help

The flowers that we planted last May are beginning to open up on the Water Street Prairie. They aren’t quite as plentiful as we’d hoped, which we attribute to the poor quality of the soil, and the continued presence of invasive species like Spotted Knapweed, but the native plants that we reintroduced to the site […]

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A new sign at the Water Street Commons native prairie

Thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, we now have a proper sign explaining the history and significance of the Water Street Commons native prairie. Special thanks go out especially to native plant experts Jason Tallant and Ben Connor Barrie for helping me with the text, Jeff Clark for designing the sign, […]

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Iggy and the Wolves

I don’t know that any hunters will be dissuaded by his argument, but America’s foremost authority on shirtless wildlife management, Iggy Pop, has finally weighed in on Michigan’s controversial wolf hunt. Here’s his letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. [If you can’t read his letter, a larger version can be found here.] Speaking of our […]

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Commoning, Public Art, Vandalism

A LETTER FROM MY FRIEND JEFF CLARK: About five months ago, on May Day, the local community joined together to seedbomb the acre of Water Street at the corner of River Street and Michigan Avenue. The little clay balls were handcrafted by children from Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor elementary schools, as well as several adults […]

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The MarkMaynard.com Headers: an explanation

“So, what’s up with the headers?” It’s a question that I get asked quite a bit. So I thought that maybe it warranted a post… not just because I think that people should understand how the headers came about, but because I think the individual artists behind them deserve to be credited by name… Here’s […]

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