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Jay Parks: Itinerant In-Truck Classic Rock Karaoke Drummer

If you’ve wandered around Ypsi over the past few weeks, you may have come across a fellow from Missouri by the name of Jay Parks, beating on an elaborate little drum kit that he’s built into the back of his truck. My most recent encounter with him was yesterday, when I was walking my dogs […]

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Is Ann Arbor as progressive as it’s billed? And, if not, what can be done about it?

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with the mother of one of Alro’s school friends. As she’s relatively new to Ypsi, I asked how she came to be living here, and she told me her story, which started back in California, when she found out that she’d been accepted into a graduate […]

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First Fridays Ypsilanti to grow with A2Awesome grant

Around the country, several communties have what are referred to as First Friday events, where, on the first Friday of each month, various venues coordinate new art installations and the like, encouraging people to come out, stroll between them, etc. Well, for the past several months, things have been ramping up locally, and, this past […]

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Wheatpasting, flyering, public art, and other forms of communication that are illegal in Ypsilanti

I guess, because I’ve written about the fuzzy line separating street art and vandalism before, I received a letter a few days ago from a local designer asking about the legality of wheatpasting – the act of affixing artwork or posters to walls and other structures with flour paste. Here’s his note. I’ve been trying […]

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Commoning, Public Art, Vandalism

A LETTER FROM MY FRIEND JEFF CLARK: About five months ago, on May Day, the local community joined together to seedbomb the acre of Water Street at the corner of River Street and Michigan Avenue. The little clay balls were handcrafted by children from Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor elementary schools, as well as several adults […]

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