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Everything you think you know about my grilled ham and cheese sandwich is wrong!

I know there should be an article to accompany this image, but I only have so much time per week to devote to meme parody… But I don’t guess that it matters. The important thing is that you followed the link from Facebook, not that you liked what you found when you got here. h, […]

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How many people would it take push down the Confederate flag over the South Carolina Capitol?

Originally, I was thinking that we could just swarm the flag with a hundred drones outfitted with razorblades, operated from nearby vans. And I still like the visual of the Confederate flag being shredded to ribbons as police officers tried unsuccessfully to knock the drones from the sky with rocks. The more that I think […]

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Boon and Easel return, die horribly, but on their own terms

I’ve always known that one day I’d write a children’s book. I didn’t know until today, however, when I read the news story about the raccoon spotted riding on an alligator’s back through a Florida swamp, what it would be about. The image accompanying the article immediately brought to mind the weasel who flew a […]

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Celebrate Unfuck the World Day with a community potluck on Water Steet

This Saturday evening, between 4:00 and 7:00, Bee Roll and I will be hosting a potluck at the Art Hut on Water Street Commons to both raise donations for Ozone House in honor of Unfuck the World Day, and start a conversation about what we as Ypsilantians can do to help put Vermont Senator Bernie […]

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Ypsi/Arbor Exit Interview: Erica Mooney

I think I first met Erica Mooney about four years ago. If I recall correctly, she’d written to me through the blog and asked if I’d meet up with her to talk about Ypsilanti. My sense was that she was talking with a lot of folks around town, trying to figure out how best she […]

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