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The native plants of the Water Street prairie need your help

The flowers that we planted last May are beginning to open up on the Water Street Prairie. They aren’t quite as plentiful as we’d hoped, which we attribute to the poor quality of the soil, and the continued presence of invasive species like Spotted Knapweed, but the native plants that we reintroduced to the site […]

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Celebrating Memorial Day by killing non-American invasive species on Water Street

I know tomorrow is a holiday, and most of you already have plans, but, if you’re up for a little fresh air and exercise, and don’t feel like going to the parade, I’ll be out at the Water Street prairie between 9:00 and 11:00 doing my best to eradicate the Spotted Knapweed that’s threatening our […]

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We need your help pulling weeds on the Water Street Commons this Sunday

It’s been about a month since we called people together to help lay the trails around the Water Street Commons, and we figure it’s time meet again, for another few hours of work. This time, our primary objective will be to remove unwanted plant species… Specifically, we’re hoping remove all traces of spotted knapweed, which […]

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Water Street Commons, drenched in rain, begins to show signs of life

It’s the first real rain since we seeded our acre of Water Street a few weeks ago, and I’m incredibly happy. I’d intended to go out this evening, with my friend Jeff, to dig up some spotted knapweed and put a few more transplants in the ground, but, seeing as how it’s raining, I thought […]

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The Seed Bombing of Water Street will happen on May 1

On Thursday evening, the Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation Commission met, and considered our proposal to adopt an acre of Water Street right alongside Michigan Avenue, just west of South River Street. I don’t think it will be official until Monday, but the members present agreed unanimously with the project as I explained it. So, it […]

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