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The MarkMaynard.com Headers: an explanation

“So, what’s up with the headers?” It’s a question that I get asked quite a bit. So I thought that maybe it warranted a post… not just because I think that people should understand how the headers came about, but because I think the individual artists behind them deserve to be credited by name… Here’s […]

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I won that scholarship to the big Netroots Nation conference… Thank you…

I wanted to thank all of you who voted for me in the competition to win a scholarship to this summer’s Netroots Nation convention in Rhode Island. Thanks to your support (and the fact that I have a somewhat compelling blog), I’ve managed to secure one of the slots. I found out a couple of […]

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John Edwards picking up college girls

One of my biggest regrets, at least politically speaking, is that I invested as much as I did in the John Edwards campaign. It sounds incredibly naive in retrospect, I know, but I really believed that he was sincerely running because he wanted to stand up for regular Americans, and bring morality and integrity back […]

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Ypsi’s water tower, and its missing whatsit

My friend Eric sent me a huge photo of Ypsilanti’s infamous water tower yesterday. The image, which is beautiful, was taken in 1900, when women carried parasols, and Cross Street was still a dirt road scarred by wagon tracks. It’s an amazing photo. The structure was just ten years old at the time, having been […]

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I’ve finally earned a place in the Hitler Downfall meme

I was alerted to the existence of this footage earlier tonight, upon arriving home from work. Linette took me into her office and showed it to me, but was reluctant to tell me who the responsible party was. She eventually gave up our mutual friend Eric Lagergren, though… Thank you, Eric, for making history come […]

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