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I feel bad for America, but I have to admit I do take some pleasure in watching the Republicans be eaten alive by the monster that they created… Goodbye, Eric Cantor.

To my knowledge, Eric Cantor’s primary loss yesterday to Tea Party challenger David Brat was unprecedented in the modern era. House majority leaders just don’t lose primaries. But that’s exactly what happened yesterday in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District. Eric Cantor, who, just last week, was polling some 34 points over Brat, ended up losing to […]

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Putting the pride in Ypsi Pride

If I ever lose my mind and run for elected office in Ypsilanti, my first official act will be to propose legislation changing the name of our annual Ypsi Pride day to something more appropriate, like Pick Up Other People’s Garbage and Plant Flowers Around Ypsilanti day. Or, better yet, I’ll just propose that we […]

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A super PAC to end all super PACs… Contribute to Mayday PAC today, and help get people into Congress who pledge to keep the money out

Having spent much of his life

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I had something awesome planned for tonight, but it fell through…

So here’s the pilot for Mason Reese’s 1977 sitcom “Mason.”

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Douchey or Deadly: which Uber do you use?

Ever since the upscale alternative transportation startup Uber made the announcement a week or so ago that they’d be rolling out service in Ann Arbor, my Facebook stream has been overflowing with anti-Uber ads and articles. (See below.) Well, I just did a little poking around in hopes of finding out why, and it would […]

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