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Let me pour you a beer at Thursday’s More Buses fundraiser

Remember how, a few weeks ago, I told you about the local campaign to increase public transportation options by 44% in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor? Well, now that we’re just a a month away from the May 6 vote, things are beginning to intensify, and both the pro-public transportation More Buses folks, and the anti-public […]

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This was a lot better before I noticed that she had a dog

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add “pooping jewels” to my list of tags. [photo credit: Kristin Schrader]

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After nearly 40 years of looking, I’ve finally found my fetish!

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Mothman lives on, scares ten people per mile

While it’s been almost five years now since the world lost John Keel, his legacy apparently lives on. I just received the following from my friend Jeff. This is the work of his 8 year old son Sam. [If you've never read Keel's The Mothman Prophecies, there's no time like the present.]

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Veronique Liem on the 22nd Circuit Court, family law, and why she wants to be a judge

I had the occasion last night to exchange several emails with judicial candidate Veronique Liem. What follows is our conversation. My hope is that it’s useful to those of you out there, like me, who have only a cursory understanding of the 22nd Circuit Court and how it operates. It’s not exhaustive by any means, […]

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